Foreign Trade merchandizing of cereal and oil seeds within EU and
  export-import outside EU
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Company structure and availability

The company is directed by a management team of six, whose work is supported by purchasing managers and subcontractors. Some of the activities within the company are separated, while others cannot be strictly separated.

Colleagues and language competencies:

Top management:

Dr. János Dóró chief executive, lawyer-agricultural manager (German, English)
Dr. Zsófia Poroszlai Dóró financial manager, tax consultant

- Viktor Dóró - Germany Faculty of Law 3 years, Degree in German language, Collage (business communication) in process (German, English)
- Dóra Durkó (English)

Forwarding administration:
- Andrea Krisan (English)

Availability of our colleagues:
+36 66 547 230
+36 66 540 890
Fax.: +36 66 540 895
On contacting us our colleagues will give further mobile availability on request.
Budapest office: Budapest, Visegrádi u. 42-46. 3. em. 16.

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  TEL:+36 66 547 230 FAX:+36 66 540 895
VAT Registration Number: 11058492-2-04
Number of ISO Certification: HU08/3331
Date and Number of Incorporation:
16.02.1998.; 04 09 003878
Statistical Number: 11058492-4621-113-04
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